The YUCO micro-AUV comes in a variety of single-task configurations with high reliability, lean deployment, exceptional performances and low maintenance:

  • YUCO-CARRIER – with payload section for implementation of own sensor
  • YUCO-SCAN – built-in side scan sonar by DeepVision
  • UCO-CTD – built-in Legato CTD sensor by RBR
  • YUCO-PHYSICO – built-in RT3 multiparameter probe by AML
  • YUCO-PAM – built-in Porpoise subsea acoustic recorder by RS Aqua

YUCO features the INX© (Intuitive Navigation eXperience) navigation system based on Seaber advanced underwater navigation algorithms and fully integrated DVL and depth sensors. 


SEAPLAN GUI combines intuitive programming with ease of use. Various navigational segments and patterns can be programmed, and activation of payload can be flexibly chosen. 

The YUCO micro-AUV is easy to spot day and night thanks to its neon pink body color and its powerful flashing LEDs. To ensure surface communication, YUCO’s mast is equipped with 3 types of wireless communication antennas: satellite, GSM and radio.

SEACOMM handheld remote-control unit displays YUCO’s GPS positions, when it is at the surface, and includes a “come-back-to-my-position” function.


Seafloor Systems provides hydro-acoustic sonar equipment, USVs (Unmanned Surface Vessels), and customized survey solutions for a wide range of applications comprising among others:

  • Hydrographic surveys
  • Marine environmental research
  • Dredging monitoring and control
  • Law enforcement / SAR (Search and Rescue)

Seafloor is a market leader in USVs and turn-key USV platforms integrating professional-grade technology to efficiently conduct data acquisition missions on water, and enabling surveyors to remotely analyze otherwise challenging environments. The USV product range comprises EchoBoat-160, EchoBoat-240, HydroCat-180, Trident, HyDrone and TriDrone. Options include AutoNav autonomous control system and SmartCast winch for automatically deployment of an SVP to user-selected depths.

SeaRAY is an extremely compact multibeam sonar system designed for a multitude of hydrographic survey applications. Its compact footprint allows for simple integration on unmanned surface vessels, from which it can be mobilized into ponds, lakes, rivers, and dredge pits.

HydroLite Plus is a one-person portable singlebeam echosounder available in both single and dual frequency for accurate loging of depths in ponds, rivers, lakes, and more.


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