Management Consulting

Herskind Consult offers consultancy services in the form of management consulting and as a sparring partner for small and medium-sized technology companies. The services include management consulting, sparring and assistance in business management, strategy, business development, marketing and sales.

With Herskind Consult as a working member of the board or Advisory Board, you ensure a committed participation in the overall and strategic management as well as a proper organization of the company.

If you prefer Herskind Consult as a sparring partner, you get access to a wide range of professional experience with good insight into the challenges and opportunities you face as a key person, manager or business owner.

Product Representation

Herskind Consult offers sale of marine survey products from leading manufacturers - micro-AUVs by Seaber/France, and USVs by Seafloor Systems/USA. Together, these companies manufacture a wide range of products supplementing each other and acting as platform vehicles for subsea and unmanned surface marine survey tasks.

The AUVs come pre-configured for a specific single-task operation, e.g. with fully integrated side scan sonar, CTD or multiparameter probe, whereas the USVs can be purpose built through integration of optional sensors and accessories according to customer needs and requirements.